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European Large Lakes Symposium 2006 - Ecosystem changes and their ecological and socioeconomic impacts

11. - 15. September 2006

Tartu, Estonia

The European Large Lakes Symposium (ELLS) 2006 will focus especially on the ecosystems of European large lakes and their ecological and socioeconomic impacts. Although considerable cooperation in lake-related issues already exists in Europe, as elsewhere, e.g. North America, a special forum focusing on the management of the risks concerning large lakes is certainly needed. This cooperation would provide a basis for elaborating the best strategies for communicating the risks of human activities regarding lake ecosystems to public stakeholders, including policymakers on European and regional scale.

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ELLS has grown out of the International Lake Ladoga Symposia organised in 1993, 1996, 1999 and 2002, which have improved our understanding of the structure and functioning not only of Lake Ladoga but also of other large northern lake ecosystems. As the problems concerning the prevailing situation and the changes related to status, threats, protection and use are much the same in all these lakes, a need for an international exchange of scientific results from large lake research in general has emerged.

ELLS will provide a platform (i) for discussing new scientific findings regarding the functioning of large lake ecosystems under the influence of anthropogenic and climatic stressors, (ii) for enhancing the communication and exchange of ideas among scientists, water management authorities and politicians, and (iii) for fostering international cooperation in all aspects of investigation and management of both national and transnational European water bodies.

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